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Innovative Innovation

Our philosophy is to contribute toward improving human health especially suffering from the life-threatening diseases through the provision of Innovative Innovation Drugs under First-in-Class and First-in-Concept drugs in aspects of MOA (Mode of Action).

In the perspective of science first, we are working on research and development of innovative solutions focused on the area where the greatest unmet marked needs exists and turn “innovative innovation” into real value for patients. iNtRON is not limited to being solely a “Research and Development” company; instead, we focus “Business Development” as well to aim to be a “Global R&BD Group”. Business development will be interpreted as many different avenues as possible to iNtRON.

Alliances and partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies and academia with the same mission will be one of our business development areas. In addition, iNtRON is actively looking for a partner who wants to in-license or cooperate with our “innovative innovation” and turn it into true value proposition.

Partner with iNtRON
for Innovative-Innovation

iNtRON Biotechnology has been focusing on investment in the R&BD since its foundation and accelerated development speed based on much more aggressive investments in research facilities and researchers after the IPO in KOSDAQ. Our headquarter is located in Seongnam (half hour away from Seoul), where we have established well-equipped research centers. In addition, iNtRON has set-up the subsidiary company, iNtODEWORLD, inc., in Boston, Massachusetts, USA to extend its global business network and local R&D network where many top-tier universities and competent biotech companies are located.

iNtRON believes competitiveness comes from an extensive and continuous R&D to achieve cutting-edge technology and actively collaboration with academia and biotech companies worldwide. Besides our collaboration with academia and biotech companies in the local area, iNtRON is strengthening R&D through a partnership in global so we could increase project speed and efficiency while simultaneously developing multi-pipelines. Continuous exploration in novel technologies around the world have elevated us to the leading position in infectious disease field utilizing bacteriophage and endolysin-based platform technology that iNtRON has focused on from the start.

iNtRON is now aiming for a bigger market beyond the infectious disease are. Based on the unique expertise in bacteriophage, iNtRON has expanded the focus area from infectious disease to anti-cancer immunotherapy as the research and business development strategy of the company.

Partnership Structure and Approach

With respect to the alliance and partnership, iNtRON’s business strategy is out-licensing the early stage but novel pipelines developed in-house utilizing the unique expertise in bacteriophage and endolysins. In 2018, we have out-licensed our novel endolysin-based pipeline targeting bacteremia caused by Staphylococcus aureus to ROIVANT, a biopharmaceutical company focused on realizing the full value of promising drug candidates to improve the lives of patients, during its Phase 2a stage.

In addition, collaborations with academic labs studying state-of-the-art science and technologies worldwide are essential for us to turn our ‘innovative innovation’ into actual medical solutions and value. iNtRON has actively collaborated with academic labs in order to address multiple unmet medical needs and fulfill iNtRON’s philosophy. iNtRON is opened to any type of collaborations. Flexible collaboration structure, such as “out-licensing”, “co-development” or “partnership through a joint-venture” will be sincerely discussed to maximize the benefits for both partners. We value all partners’ research outcomes and are willing to commit for successful-collaborations.

Partnership Process

Out-licensing & In-licensing
  1. Step1
    Identify the areas of interest
  2. Step2
  3. Step3
    Due Diligence
  4. Step4
    Non-binding term sheet
  5. Step5
    Negotiate terms
  6. Step6
    Execute license
R&BD Collaboration
  1. Step1
    Identify the areas of mutual interests
  2. Step2
  3. Step3
    Due Diligence R&BD Area Discussing mutual mission
  4. Step4
    MOU & Collaboration Agreement
  5. Step5
    Execute collaboration

Business Development Team

Our business development team fosters productive relations with our partners, supports efficient process and transparent communication, and is fully engaged with our leadership allowing us to execute agreements effectively. Business development teams work closely together to source innovation that will combine leading science, technology and research.

Our partnering activities encompass focusing on discovery and development of the next generation of breakthrough medicines in our scientific focus areas, and our business development activities take many forms : (1) Collaborations (2) Out-licensing / in-licensing (3) Joint research (4) Open innovation.

Partnering Contacts

CEO/Vice President
Kyungwon YOON (Kevin)
BD Team Leader
Tae Kyu SHIN (TK)
BD Team

iNtRON Focus Area

Immune & Immunotherapeutics
iNtRON’s PHAGERIARUS® technology is a new approach to immune & immunotherapeutics based on bacteriophage. In existing immunology, the complex human immune system has not been fully elucidated. iNtRON recognizes this limitation of immunology and seeks to overcome the challenge by our PHAGERIARUS® technology utilizing the bacteriophage platform technology. iNtRON aims to discover new immune regulators by exploring the effects of bacteriophages on the human immune system as bacteriophage is one of safest but foreign material that could trigger innate immune responses. There will be a currently un-known substance of bacteriophage that can regulate the human immune system, thereby suppressing disease. iNtRON explores beyond the relationship between bacteria and bacteriophage to understand the relationship between bacteria, viruses, and bacteriophages, and their interaction with immunity. iNtRON strongly believes the potential of bacteriophage as a immune regulator and a strong anti-cancer immunotherapy. iNtRON is looking for a partner who wishes to explore the endless possibility of bacteriophage in the immune field and realize our theory into real VALUE together. Many types of collaboration including strategic investment, co-development or out-licensing are opened for a discussion.
인트론 PHAGERUS® 브로슈어
Virus target
iNtRON’s PHAGERUS® technology discovered the applicability of bacteriophage as a virus neutralizing vaccine & therapeutics, and has secured a number of related core technologies. PHAGERUS® technology can induce humoral immunity as well as cell-mediated immunity by oral (sublingual) or nasal vaccines based on natural bacteriophages with homology of targeting virus or robot bacteriophages which are engineered to express antigens or virus-like particle on their surfaces. Moreover, when PHAGERUS® technology-based vaccine is taken, there is no need to use a separate vaccine adjuvant and can be free from safety issues related to vaccine adjuvants. iNtRON is developing a human flu vaccine as a primary technology application target and plans to expand the its scope sequentially in the order of avian influenza (AI) vaccines and G4 virus vaccines. In particular, the concept of universal antigens will be applied in the development of human flu vaccines so that different types of vaccines do not need to be developed and used every year. We are also currently exploring the possibility of applying PHAGERUS® technology to the COVID-19 virus as a ’plus one’ pipeline. Based on the above road map, iNtRON is seeking a partner who wishes to explore the potential of Bacteriophage in the vaccine field together and be a leading position in the world. iNtRON is opened to many types of collaboration including strategic investment, co-development, out-licensing or etc.
인트론 PHAGERIA® 브로슈어
Microbiome & Phageome
The human microbiome is associated with chronic diseases ranging from gastrointestinal inflammatory and metabolic conditions to neurological, cardiovascular, and respiratory illnesses. iNtRON has been researching to understand the relation between bacteriophages and human immunity, and iNtRON develops novel and first-in-class biological drugs targeting cancers (colorectal cancer and CRC), brain diseases (Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease) and inflammatory diseases (Crohn’s disease). Based on decades of experience and know-how accumulated in the field of bacteriophage and various platform technologies, iNtRON aims to expand the application of bacteriophage to the prevention and treatment of many different diseases utilizing the interaction with human immune system beyond bacteriophage’s ability to lyse bacteria. iNtRON is looking for a partner who understands the importance of microbiome to human’s health and wishes to explore the relationship of bacteriophages and human immunity together.
인트론 itLysin® 브로슈어
Bacteria target
Endolysin is a ‘bacteriocidal enzyme’ and bacteria-killing antibiotic alternative. Its mode of action is to destroy the bacterial cell wall. Endolysin cleaves specific linkages in the bacterial peptidoglycan layer and this characteristic offers Endolysin a power to solve fundamental problem of resistance to conventional antibiotics. This makes Endolysin believes to be a first-in-class antibiotic different from the conventional antibiotics to which resistance issue is getting serious every year. iNtRON has established itLysin® technology, a platform technology for the development and improvement of endolysin through engineering and secured a variety of endolysin-based pipelines against both gram positive and gram-negative bacteria. iNtRON’s business strategy is out-licensing its promising endolysin-based pipelines during the early stage at least before entering into Phase 2 stage. iNtRON has out-licensed its leading pipeline SAL200 to Roivant in 2018. iNtRON is seeking a pharmaceutical or biotech company who understands the importance of antibiotic resistance, its market opportunity, and the potential of endolysins to replace the conventional antibiotics.
인트론 mRNA 브로슈어
mRNA-based therapeutics can go inside cells to direct protein production, something not possible with other drug approaches. When we use a mRNA technology, iNtRON sees the potential to treat or prevent diseases that today are not addressable and impact human lives around the world. iNtRON believes novel and innovative approaches are needed to address future infectious disease threats that could be pandemic like COVID-19. iNtRON will be differentiated from the general mRNA-based vaccines having much more convenient and effective administration method, a mucosal vaccine. Most pathogens, such as viruses, enter the body via mucosal surfaces and therefore mucosal immune responses function as a first line of defense. Even though protective mucosal immune responses believe to be very effectively induced by intranasal vaccine, no one has yet successfully developed a mucosal mRNA vaccine. We are developing an mRNA-based vaccine via mucosal administration, and it will be a game changer in the vaccine field. However, we are not limiting our mRNA platform technology to only the infectious diseases area. We will also apply mRNA technology to the field of immunotherapy. We are seeking a partner who wishes to explore the potential of mRNA-based pharmaceuticals together and take a leading position in the world. iNtRON is open to many types of collaboration including strategic investment, co-development, out-licensing or etc.