Triangle Hypothesis

According to current and established theories, Bacteriophages are known as effective 'Bacteria-Eating Viruses.'

Our newly developed technologies, PHAGERIA and itLysin (Endolyin), are based on this theory.

The PHAGERIA technology was first applied to animals, and we are generating profit by developing antibiotic alternatives for animals. Now, we are pursuing related investments in R&D and production to further advance into human fields.

Our efforts have proven to be successful as we have received inquiries from foreign governmental organizations and big-pharma companies aiming to secure joint collaboration. We expect several projects to gradually build in the near future, and will do our best to enter into the human field.

itLysin (Endolysin) technology is based on the development of a super bacterial treatment suitable for humans by applying recombinant technology to Endolysin, which Bacteriophages actually use to kill bacteria. We are developing and strengthening our pipelines to secure further out-licensing deals as we have with SAL200, which achieved our first global out-licensing deal.

As this, Bacteriophages are viruses that eat bacteria. In other words, it can be defined as "a Bacteriophage is a Virus.“ Here, iNtRON deepened this definition, and came to realize we can use Bacteriophage to combat and neutralize viruses. It is the way PHAGERUS technology is pursuing with the combination of such 'Theory and Hypothesis.‘ In the field of PHAGERUS technology, four major categories have been set as development directions: Ag-PHAGERUS, Ablp-PHAGERUS, Adjuvant-PHAGERUS, Mock-up PHAGERUS. We are focusing on developing Ag-PHAGERUS and Mock-up PHAGERUS first now.

It is a widely known fact that COVID-19 causes an immune response in the human body. Therefore, virus and immunity are so closely related to each other to the extent that it can be said "Virus is Immunity." We added more in-depth thought to this hypothesis to create the 'Triangle Hypothesis.‘ Based on the Triangle Hypothesis, it can be said that "Bacteriophages are Immunity" since Bacteriophages are Viruses, and Viruses are Immunity. Through hypothetical and theoretical analysis, it can also be said that Bacteriophage have a close relationship with immunity, and this is the hypothesis that PHAGERIARUS technology initiated. We're targeting 'Cancer' as the first project to prove this hypothesis and discover drug candidates.

We explained the Triangle Hypothesis in relation to the technology fields that iNtRON is pursuing and aiming for.

Here, it is necessary to easily classify the various technological fields that iNtRON is developing, and our technologies can be simply classified into the BC Era and AD Era. The BC Era stands for the 'Before Cancer era' and the 'Before Concept era.' It is the technology era before a new concept was introduced. The AD Era stands for the 'After Infectious Disease Drug era', 'After Doctrine era', or 'After Definition era.' It is the technology era after the introduction of a 'New Concept.' We are developing technologies separately into BC and AD to create a structured separation.

iNtRON Biotechnology believes that new 'First-in-Class' drugs should be based on the existing theories, but new 'First-in-Concept' drugs should come from the new hypothesis or doubt.

Expect iNtRON's new concept R&BD journey to progress beyond the First-in-Class drug development to a New First-in-Concept drug in the near future.