B.E.C. Project

A New Era of Bacteriophage Application

New Perspective for Bacteriophage vs.

Microbiota in the human intestine coexist with microorganisms such as bacteria and bacteriophages. However, despite that intestinal bacteria are foreign substances with ‘non-self’ antigens, they can coexist by immune escape or immune tolerance without being eliminated by the body’s immune system. With scientific curiosity about this, many research has recently been published to explain this phenomenon through interaction with the (pro)phage and the human immune system, which share a symbiotic relationship with bacteria.

We aim to expand the perception that ‘bacteriophage simply control the number of bacteria through selective death of bacteria’ and reconfigure the view so that bacteriophages are recognized as ‘external substances that trigger immunity in the body’ like bacteria and virus that infect humans and animals. We will also investigate the holistic interactome between ‘bacteria, bacteriophages, viruses and the immune system’. In this regard, we will develop an immune regulator that can effectively control various immune-related diseases associated with the ‘Immune On/Off’

PHAGERIARUS® Platform Technology-Based First Project B.E.C. Project

PHAGERIARUS® is a technology that develops human Immune Regulators that function as ‘Immune On/Off Switching Drugs’ by identifying the relationship between Bacteriophages, Bacteria, and Viruses.

The first project based on the PHAGERIARUS® platform technology is called B.E.C. Project. B.E.C. Project primarily aims to develop Anti-Cancer immunotherapy. Starting with the project, we will secure the source technology, and a number of PHAGERIARUS® related projects will be carried out.

The new drug candidates being developed by B.E.C. Project, are divided into (1) BΦPTA (Bacteriophage Protein PRR Agonist) and (2) CIR (Cancer Immune Regulator).

01BΦPTA → Bacteriophage Protein PRR Agonist

Immune &
1st B.E.C. Project
BΦPTA Bacteriophage Protein
TLR Agonists
CIR Cancer Immune
B.E.P. Project
B.E.A. Project
B.E. … Project

Various TLR agonists and BΦPTA that will lead to a paradigm shift in
existing immunology

TLR Agonists

02CIR → Cancer Immune Regulator

The immune regulator capable of performing anticancer immune function is defined as CIR. CIR is the core API of B.E.C. Project, which is the first project based on PHAGERIARUS® platform.

CIR, which is expected to interact with several immune cells or substances (cytokine, chemokine, etc.) present in the body, will ultimately function as immune On/Off switching through protein-to-protein interactions. Through this, it will be an Immune Regulator that can induce and promote anticancer immune responses specific to certain cancers and ultimately do immune anticancer function. Meanwhile, these immune regulators can be combined with immuno-cancer drugs (e.g., immune checkpoint inhibitors) that are already being developed and sold, thereby further maximizing the therapeutic effect.

R&BD Strategic Alliance

iNtRON is challenging to innovate its paradigm through a new scientific approach and perspective. We have found great possibilities and will prove them through continuous research. We are well aware that these activities require collaboration with many global partners, and we will collaborate with various partners seeking innovation. Companies and researchers who prefer innovation are highly encouraged to participate in  ‘FUN PROJECTS’ for our future.
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